Watch: Inside Chief Justice DY Chandrachud’s Chamber In Supreme Court

CJI DY Chandrachud advocates paperless and digital courts.

New Delhi:

Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud is mostly seen seated in the courtroom during the live streaming of important cases, but the chamber from where India’s top judge runs the day-to-day court affairs remains behind the screens.

For the first time, NDTV’s Ashish Bhargava takes you inside his chamber and shows how Chief Justice Chandrachud executes his desk work.

The Chief Justice has a busy schedule that transcends beyond the courtroom. The court timings are 10:30 am-4 pm, but that is not the punch-out time for the country’s top judge. Administrative work continues till late evening and often includes meetings after court hours.

Chief Justice Chandrachud, who advocates paperless and digital courts, has also set an example with his chamber. In the middle of the computers and telephones in his office, one wouldn’t find files piled up. The only file in the chamber was in his hands, containing his schedule for the day.

Supreme Court Secretary-General Atul Madhukar Kurhekar assists him with his meetings, the cases listed the next day, and the administrative work.

The Chief Justice’s desktop, kept in one corner of his desk, is one of the several gadgets at the centre of processing crucial cases. He replies to his emails and examines case files himself. Even instructions are issued via the laptop.

“All of our files are e-files. Using a laptop and computer is so simple,” he says, pointing out that his chamber has turned digital just like the courts.

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